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Security Information and Event Management

The SecureStack SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a web based tool that allows you to see and interact with your security data.  Our SIEM comes with over 50 pre-built visualizaitons and dashboards.  Additionally, you can build whatever custom search logic and visualizations you want.

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Dashboards and search made easy

Our web based SIEM allows you to see and interact with your security data, mitigations and history.  It comes with more than 200 visualizations and dashboards out of the box.  

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Web Application Security

Nginx, Apache and Wordpress

Alerts and mitigations for all your web assets

We've deeply integrated the SecureStack Security Intelligence Platform into the world's most popular web platforms.  Enable our WAF and you get even more protection and information about the health of your web assets and who's trying to attack it.

PCI Compliance

Search intelligence for PCI

Our search and intelligence engine uses your existing data to find your PCI compliance strengths and weaknesses.  You will see what systems have issues and what specific requirements are affected.  


Intrusion Detection and Prevention

SecureStack is build on top of the worlds best IDS and IPS software: OSSEC.  All the IDS data flows into your SIEM and gives you realtime information about what's happening.  Events, alerts and automatic mitigations are displayed and searchable.  Find historical themes and correlate IDS events by IP address, hostname and lots more!

Custom Visualizations

Build your own search and dashboards

Our SIEM can ingest you application data.   If you export logs we can consume them.  Gain new insight into your legacy applications and infrastructure.

Threat Data

Real data in real time

Indexing in less than a second

Real time information about attacks and recon flow into the SIEM.  Source and destination IP addresses, country of origin, attack vector and a whole lot more.   This detailed information about potential malicious actors allows you to correlate and gain insight to take further actions.  Block IP addresses, geolocations or types of access.  The SecureStack SIEM gives you the information you need to make these assessments.

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