We secure the cloud

Simple, easy to use tools that help you secure your digital business

Why SecureStack?

We protect your business from cyber criminals by securing the technology that makes your business run.  Whether you use servers in your office, a virtualization product like VMWare, or public cloud like Amazon AWS, Google GCP or Alibaba Cloud


Average Cost of Data Breach in the US and Australia


Of SMB's go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack

Only 40%

Of data stored in the cloud is encrypted


Of us aren't told when our information has been stolen


Possible fine for not disclosing security breach in Australia

21+ years

We've been making businesses safer.  EMAIL US for more info.

What is the Security Intelligence Platform?

After more than two decades in the IT security space we've built a lot of automation, learned a lot of tools, and built ourselves a skillset.  Clients hired us to integrate security automation and we used the term DevSecOps before it was cool to use.  We took all that experience and passion and we built the world's first "Platform Security as a Service":   SecureStack.
Our goal is to deliver a drop in security layer that is easy to use, and keeps our customers safer with the ease and choice of a true Platform-as-a-Service solution.  SecureStack uses innovative technology, open source tools and custom integration to deliver an extensible and flexible security solution.   We integrate intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus and malware scanning, firewalls, security groups, system auditing, and more, all within the context of a hardened OS.  The end result is a platform you can use for existing legacy infrastructure as well as your private and public cloud footprint.  

How we protect you

Dynamic tools that use real time threat data and machine learning to make you more secure


New threats blocked each minute on the average


Alerts processed per hour


New security features added to SecureStack in the last week

Meet our new "Platform-Security-as-a-Service"

SecureStack is a drop-in security layer for your legacy infrastructure and your cloud native applications.  ALL your infrastructure secured and managed the same way.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Security built in

SecureStack integrates security into all your cloud functions: compute, vpc, storage, and containers using a custom integration layer.  SecureStack was built to natively integrate with many AWS services as well including ECS, Elasticsearch, EC2 and more.



Proven Security Automation

We've been building security automation for years.  Both in the old legacy world, and the new shiny DevOps one.  Real security tools and controls delivered and embedded in your Infrastructure as Code. No hype, just results.  



Manage everything the same way

SecureStack manages your private and public cloud infrastructure as well as your datacenter hosted or on-prem systems.  Existing legacy systems too.  It's all treated the same using DevSecOps abstraction, immutability and idempotence.



Protect your containerized applications

SecureStack adds multiple layers of security to the container host and wraps the containers themselves using multiple mechanisms.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Our custom tools work everywhere

Imagine firewalls, security groups, IP space, filesystems, etc shared by all your infrastructure.  Linux and Windows web servers managed with same simple policy. Security is wrapped around all your assets and we can manage it all for you



Secure your applications everywhere

SecureStack doesn't stop at securing the infrastructure your apps live on, or protecting the network edge.  We build integrations directly into the platforms you use to create your apps.  That way your products are wrapped in multiple layers of tightly integrated security.

What's under the hood?

SecureStack uses open source tools and custom technology to create the world's most awesome distributed security layer.

Platform Security Automation

Platform Security Automation

SecureStack protects your assets

Our security platform uses industry best open source tools as well as custom technologies to manage all your infrastructure.  SecureStack uses idempotence and a declarative model to build your security using an "Infrastructure as Code"

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Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Cloud native awareness and toolkit

SecureStack can manage your cloud assets using security first methodologies.  You can build and manage images in one place, that you then use for AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Google GCP, VMWare or anywhere else.  Beyond that our solutions are tightly integrated into the AWS stack which allows you to concentrate on other things while we secure and monitor it all.

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Real Time Threat Data

Real Time Threat Data

Threat information shared across platform

When an attack is identified and shut down for one of your systems, it is shut down for ALL of your systems.  SecureStack gathers this data using intelligent means so that you are protected from new attacks, not just known ones.  SecureStack customers get access to this shared threat intelligence in real time.

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SecureStack Global Threat List

SecureStack Global Threat List

We identify and monitor the bad guys for you

Our systems are machine intelligence enhanced and collect data about bad guys before they can attack you.  We share this list of scum bags with all paying customers.

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Distributed Firewall

Distributed Firewall

Apply rules and policies to groups of assets

Our distributed firewall manages all of your assets centrally.  Updates, new rules or policy changes are applied to all systems together.  You can group assets by role, location, internal department or anything else.  

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Virtual SOC

Virtual SOC

We manage it all for you

Managing a large security platform, even one as well built as SecureStack takes energy and manpower.  Our Virtual SOC (security operations center) watches your infrastructure so you don't have to.  Collection, monitoring, and alerting is all handled automatically by SecureStack.  You can enable automated responses so we mitigate the problem before you even see it.  

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Security Intelligence Platform Subscriptions

Per month - Yearly discounts available


  • Hardened Operating System  
  • Intrustion Detection and Prevention 
  • Virus & Malware Protection  
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Rootkit Detection
  • Email Support

Platform Server

  • Everything in Base 
  • SIEM
  • Centralised Logging & Analytics
  • Real Time Threat Data 
  • SecureStack Global Threat List
  • Multiple User Accounts

Enterprise Orchestration

  • Evertything in Platform Server  
  • Cloud Integration
  • Platform Security Automation 
  • Virtual SOC
  • Distributed Firewall
  • Business Hours Phone Support